Shops in the village of Marmara on Paros

Shops in the village of Marmara on Paros

admin admin October 1, 2023 News

Marmara is a small village in Paros, but offers a variety of shops for visitors, including traditional gift shops, cafes, traditional tavernas, a bakery, a pharmacy and a supermarket. Some popular places in Marmara are the following:

1. Cafe – Snack Bar – Pizzeria: Ammos (i.e. sand) is a beautiful, traditional cafe in Marmara, Paros where you can enjoy your coffee, various snacks, and pizzas

2. Restaurant – Taverna – Traditional snack bar: Ververas is one of the best reviewed restaurants in Paros and is located in the central square of the village. In this cool and welcoming environment you can enjoy unique flavours from the Greek cuisine.

3. Bakery: A popular bakery in Marmara selling a variety of fresh bread, pastries and pies. The bakery is known for its traditional Greek sweets, such as baklava and kataifi, at very reasonable prices.

4. Supermarket: Less than 650m from LOFTS The Village Summer Apartments you can find the AB Food Market supermarket where you can buy food and anything you will be needing during your stay.

5. Pharmacy: In the centre of the village there is a pharmacy selling a variety of over-the-counter and prescription medicines. The staff are up-to-date and can provide advice on health related issues.

6. Petrol station: Just before you enter the village of Marmara there is a petrol station, which sells fuel, as well as a variety of snacks and drinks. The petrol station is open 24 hours a day and is a convenient stop if yoy are travelling round the island by car or scooter.