Villages near Marmara in Paros!

Villages near Marmara in Paros!

admin admin August 6, 2023 News

Marmara is located in the central part of the island of Paros and close by there are several villages worth visiting. Many of these villages you can even reach on foot:

1. Naousa: A picturesque fishing village  on the north coast of Paros, known for its traditional Cycladic architecture, narrow streets and vibrant nightlife. Every year Naoussa becomes a magnet for every visitor in Paros, with its picturesque yet cosmopolitan air. A walk through its beautiful alleys will convince you of its authentic Cycladic beauty.

2. Lefkes: A traditional village located in the mountains of Paros, the village of Lefkes (i.e. Poplars) is known for its narrow streets, old, stone houses and stunning views. The village of Lefkes was the first capital of Paros and remains the only village today within which residents and visitors move exclusively on foot.

3. Marpissa: A charming village located on the south-east coast of Paros, known for its whitewashed houses, narrow streets and traditional windmills.

4. Prodromos: A quiet village in the heart of Paros, known for its traditional architecture and peaceful atmosphere.

These villages offer a glimpse of traditional, Greek island life and are ideal for exploring either on foot or by bike.